For Purchasing Directors

Dasic’s innovative, unique and proven cleaning, hygiene and maintenance products and services give you:

• Competitive pricing going forward with demonstrable cost savings in on the job man hours, consumable usage and waste reduction

• A proven return on investment as your plant’s downtime is minimised, uptime maximised and the hygiene non-conformances that can shut your production line down are eliminated

• A partnership with a supplier who provides a fast, accurate and hassle free service to the agreed budget and deadline

It all adds up to a buying decision that makes real commercial sense and keeps your plant and production colleagues happy and off your case.

Reducing the costs of bought in products and services is a given for any senior buying, procurement or purchasing professional. However, real value is gained by your enterprise when you establish long term mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers who deliver to schedule, specification and budget every time.

The Dasic team is proven to be this kind of proactive, value adding business partner delivering excellence, confidence and trust as well as improved cost savings, productivity and profitability right down the line.

We believe the quality of our service and our innovative gel-based hygiene solutions makes us ideal for those purchasing professionals with more sense than money.

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