For Finance Directors

Think that hygiene chemicals don't make much difference to your bottom line? Think again:

• Unrivalled micro results, both for plant and product, eliminating the hygiene non-conformances that can shut your plant down and lose you revenue

• Speed, simplicity and efficiency in application, minimising your plant’s downtime and maximising your uptime helping boost profitability and productivity

• Tangible reductions in man hours, consumable usage and waste helping to reduce your costs

It all adds up to a real and tangible difference at your bottom line

In today’s food sector, the pressures brought about by everybody from retailers to consumers mean you are constantly seeking ways to achieve more for less.

The good news is that our innovative gel-based cleaning and hygiene solutions can empower you to do just that. They not only deliver cleanliness without compromise and market leading micro results but they boost your plants productivity and profitability by reducing downtime for cleaning thus increasing revenue earning uptime.

Dasic’s hygiene solutions can, in addition, reduce on the job man hours, consumable usage and waste, further increasing your return on your investment in them.

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