Extensive research and testing amongst our customers has demonstrated that the methodologies and materials you use to clean and maintain your plant and facilities can have a direct impact on your competitive position.

So it’s time to forget what you know about cleaning chemicals. Instead consider our innovative gel-based hygiene solutions as a fast, simple and cost effective way of delivering maximum plant uptime with minimum downtime for enhanced productivity and profitability.

That’s in addition to the clear business and operational benefit of achieving substantial improvements in micro results while reducing costs, cleaning times and wastage.

Expert 24/7 technical support

For your complete peace of mind, you’ll receive ongoing back-up from a technical service team that are not sales reps but have been specifically recruited from the food industry. They know your issues, pressures and imperatives because they’ve experienced them too. And they’ll shape their schedules to suit yours. This support service ranges from ongoing ‘off site’ back-up to regular site technical visits to enhance your operations.

Training for maximum benefit in the minimum time

We’ll make sure that all your staff who use DASIC products receive complete chemical handling, essential health and safety and successful usage training. It’s free, we’ll facilitate it and plan it around your busy operational needs.

We’ve been in the business of delivering innovative cleaning, hygiene and maintenance solutions to the most challenging cleansing problems, for nearly half a century.

All that sharp end experience and expertise has gone into every open plant cleaning product and service we have developed for food producers. For example, a decade ago we were one of the first to successfully introduce stable and effective viscoelastic gel technology into your industry.

In test after test, our market leading gel-based products are proven to give you:

  • vastly superior cleaning
  • substantial improvements in micro results
  • greatly reduced costs, cleaning times and wastage

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